Jobe Sunray 1 Man Towable Inflatable Ski Tube Ringo Water Toy

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The Jobe Sunray is a superb 2-way towable that can be towed forwards in the seated position or backwards in the kneeling position. The low profile design makes it easy to climb aboard in deep water and it is exceptionally stable across the wake giving the rider extra confidence. Bolsters help keep legs firmly in position for added safety.

This beauty can be towed in 2 directions and is super comfortable whether you're kneeling down or sitting upright. A fun and exciting ride, yet... nice and stable when you need it to be!

Deflated Size: 61" x 43" / 155cm x 109cm

  • 4 handles
  • 24G PVC
  • 420D Nylon
  • Boston Valve
  • 1 Rider
  • A Quick Connector buckle makesit super easy and fast to connect your tube to the towrope.  It also comes in handy if you want to switch tubes.
  • 2 Drains
  • Flat handles are placed at positions where you want to have handles thats aren't obtrusive or in the way.  Flat but easy to grab when you want to without the added heft.
  • 1 Neoprene Pad makes your ride more comfortable
  • Side Bumper prevents you from sliding off the tube
  • Fully Covered tube looks great and is better protected against sharp objects
  • Multiple Position Rider tubes are fun and active. Choose the position you want ie, Kneel, Sit or Lie down
  • 2 Towpoints - 2 Way Towabable.  Users can tube in different positions all with the same item


Linwood - Glasgow Scotland

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