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Welcome To Scotland's Yamaha Power Sports Center

Stirlings Marine is Scotland's home to the full range of Yamaha Waverunners,Sports Quad's,Side by Side, Motorcross, Chaparral Sports Boats and other top brands. Over many years we have built a reputation for excellence in service and satisfaction, offering value and quality for money.

Establihsed in 1995, we are a family owned business, which enables us to understand our clients needs and stay up to date with the latest technology. It is our passion for the water that allows us to customise your boat or ski to your exact needs - be it new or used.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Used Boats New

Waverunners NEW

Used Jetski New

New Boats New


Off Roads New


training New


Engines New


Docks and Lifts New


boat storage New


Used Off Roads New


finance insurance new


Get in Touch

Phone: 01505 382 222
Mobile: 07770 224008 / 07835 268215
Fax: 01505 331848 [email protected]



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