FX High Output 2019


The stylish new shape of all-round capability

An ideal blend of performance and economy, with more new features designed to revolutionise riding for sports or touring – that's the new-shape FX HO.


  • Industry-first colour touch-screen instruments
  • High Output 1812cc engine with EFI
  • New Multi-Mount system for your accessories
  • Drive Mode, Low RPM Mode and Security Mode
  • Industry-first footwell draining system
  • New deep step & dual handles for easy re-boarding
  • Cruise Assist, No Wake mode and electronic trim
  • Revolutionary RiDE system - intuitive control
  • Electronic Reverse with traction control
  • Unique 4-step tilt-adjustable steering system


Engine type

4-valves, 4-cylinder, 1.8 Liter High Output, 4-stroke, DOHC





Bore x stroke

86.0 mm x 78.0 mm

Compression ratio

11.0 : 1

Cooling system


Pump type

155 mm Axial Flow


Unleaded Regular Gasoline

Fuel supply system

Electronic Fuel Injection

Fuel capacity

70.0 litres

Oil capacity

5.3 litres



3.58 m


1.27 m


1.23 m

Dry weight

379 kg


Storage capacity

166.7 litres

Rider capacity

1-3 person

Powerful High Output 1821cc engine

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 001 Tablet

Power delivery from the large displacement, High Output 1812cc engine is exhilarating - and the Hyper-Flow jet pump with its 3-blade impeller helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration. The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives the smoothest possible power output and efficient, economical running, even on regular unleaded fuel.

Completely new shape with hull design in NanoXcel2

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 002 Tablet

The hull of this latest FX model is crafted in Yamaha's unique NanoXcel2 material. Impressively light, yet rigid and strong, So combined with the sleek new aerodynamic body shape, the result is awesome on-water performance - stunning acceleration, higher top speed, greater economy - and an even more comfortable ride.

RiDE system (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics)

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 003 Tablet

The revolutionary RiDE system transforms your riding pleasure, bringing a new feeling of confidence to every rider... at every level. Simply pull the throttle lever on the right hand-grip to move forwards and accelerate - pull the lever on the left grip to slow down or to reverse. Yes, it's really that simple!

Electronic control - another riding revolution

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 004 Tablet

Our sophisticated Electronic control system will delight you with its 'intelligent' features. Use Cruise-Assist to set and maintain exact speeds, the 3-position No Wake Mode to navigate through low speed areas - and electronic Reverse-assist and TDE (Thrust Directional Enhancement) for ultra-low speed manoeuvring and docking.

New Drive Control System

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 005 Tablet

This latest generation of our well known 'L-mode' system allows you to not only pre-set a top-speed limit, but also an acceleration curve, making it the perfect partner when you're towing tubes or wakeboards. You can also lock in lower speed settings for novice riders - and set a steady speed on longer trips, in order to achieve maximum economy.

Comfort, footwell drainage - and easier re-boarding

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 007 Tablet

From tilt-adjustable steering to a 3-person seat, including a large swim platform with a deeper and wider step and dual handles for re-boarding, this FX really does offer more comfort. Plus a new industry-first footwell drainage system.

Unique simple-to-use security system

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 008 Tablet

With this innovative system there's no sperate remote control to worry about - just use a PIN code to set and unset your security and control modes via the handy switch - and a touch on the new CONNEXT display screen.

Industry-first colour touch-screen display

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 009 Tablet

Clear display of F-N-R, speed, trim and RiDE system status, with diagnostic information and control of all the electronic systems, are features of this stylish new, industry first, 4.3-inch colour touch-screen, CONNEXT. It is also fully customisable - from screen colour and layout to choice of the function being controlled or displayed.

30% more storage for even bigger adventures

2019 Yamaha FX HO EU Pure White Detail 010 Tablet

We've designed around 30% more easy-access storage into our latest FX models - so your adventures can be longer and take you further. There are cleverly integrated, practical storage solutions all round the boat, including a very large watertight glovebox compartment and generous storage under the seats and at the bow and stern.