SuperJet 2021

Go Super. 

With its pumping three-cylinder, four-stroke engine, the sleek and ultra-light SuperJet delivers a powerful combination of blistering acceleration in the high-speed straights, while its agility, manoeuvrability and control will let you carve corners like never before.

Its redesigned wider hull and “L mode”, help to facilitate learning, bring the thrill of stand-up riding closer to all. The wide range of adjustable features will put novice and recreational riders in their comfort zone and prepare them to enjoy effortlessly a new type of riding.


  • High-performance 1049cc four-stroke TR-1 engine
  • No longer restricted to competition use
  • Stable lightweight hull with wide front section
  • Axial Flow 144 mm jet pump and adjustable nozzle
  • Spring-assisted, three-position-adjustable steering pole
  • Special electronic "L" (Learning) mode to limit power
  • Wide padded foot tray with anti-slip HydroTurf mat
  • Automatic bilge water pump and control system
  • Good range and clear indication of fuel level
  • Easy to refuel – large (19 litres) capacity
  • Easy to transport – and to store when not in use




Including VAT

Excluding trailer, PDI and cover


Engine type

3-cylinder, TR-1 High Output, 4-stroke





Bore x stroke


Compression ratio

Cooling system


Pump type

144 mm Axial Flow


Unleaded Premium Gasoline

Fuel supply system


Fuel capacity

19.0 litres

Oil capacity





2.43 m


0.76 m


0.79 m

Dry weight

170 kg



Storage capacity


Rider capacity

1 person


High-performance four-stroke TR-1 engine 

Key features 1

The new SuperJet is powered by a high-performance, three-cylinder, 1049cc fourstroke Yamaha TR-1 engine guaranteeing exhilarating torque through the RPM range for mind-blowing acceleration.

Compact and easy to transport

2 Compact and easy to transport

Transport is effortless considering the SuperJet is compact and light enough to fit in a van and easy to launch from a trailer. Of course, it is also ideal for the garage or on the deck of a larger yacht. 

New wider lightweight hull

3 new wider lightweight hull

The new hull design, with its wider front section, retains all the agility and poise of the original SuperJet, but with more stability, creating the perfect platform for both recreational and competition use.

Special "L" (Learning) mode 

3 L Mode

The special electronic "L-mode" is a great help for less experienced or first-time riders. It helps to restrict the power and sensitivity of the SuperJet. When the rider feels more confident, the full power and dynamic potential of the machine can be easily released.

Adjustable race-style steering pole

4 Ajustable race style steering pole

The spring-assisted, three-position steering pole and handlebars have been specially designed to provide a riding position that allows you to get the most out of the SuperJet – a machine built for winning. The result is the forward-leaning riding position so popular with pro racers and which offers the ideal, most comfortable stance for super-fast riding, and turning. 

Axial Flow jet pump with unique impeller


The 144 mm jet pump propulsion system includes a unique impeller especially designed to match the SuperJet’s new hull design and handling characteristics, maximising water flow for high performance. The configuration provides excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration. 

Race-designed top-loader intake grate 

2021 Yamaha SJ1050 EU Detail 007 03 Mobile

The top-loader intake grate decreases the chance of cavitation and helps assure constant grip and positive traction on the water. The result is a craft that's easier to ride and faster to corner. Let's get carving! 

Wide foot tray and re-boarding grip 

2021 Yamaha SJ1050 EU Detail 008 03 Mobile

The wide padded foot tray has a comfortable, anti-slip HydroTurf mat that helps the rider maintain good balance and control, whether for recreation or in competition. A handy re-boarding grip is provided for those special moments when things don't go as planned. 

Adjustable pump nozzle angle 

Ajustable pump

The adjustable nozzle angle (it can be set between 16 and 19 degrees) helps to tune the steering requirements to your own riding style at the time. Playful for beginners and relaxed recreational riders - more responsive and dynamic for enthusiastic competition-style riding. 

Lightweight injection-moulded hatch 

Lighteight injection

Excellence lies in the details. Yamaha's great engineering and technological capability in production in this specific case guarantees a significant lowering of the centre of gravity of the unit, providing improved stability and control for the rider. 

Large 19-litre fuel tank - easy to fill 

Large 19 litre

The large 19-litre fuel capacity gives the SuperJet a generous range, thanks to the lightweight and economical four-stroke engine. The filler is well positioned for easy refuelling and the handy Low Fuel warning meter is prominently positioned on the deck where it's easy to read. 


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