Nomad Yachts are engineered to offer premium comfort, safety, and oceangoing capability, and are both robust and chic in design, with an airy loft style apartment feel Nomad Yachts. This innovative collection features a series of yachts that are leisure destinations within themselves, designed for seafarers who enjoy long range exploration with friends and family. Offering premium comfort, safety, and oceangoing capability, the Nomad Yachts collection transforms yachting into a journey worth indulging in, ideal for sea travellers who have a genuine appreciation for spending time on water.

  • Nomad 95

    NOMAD 95

    A heritage of boat building and a relentless pursuit for a joyful “art de vivre” have blended together to bring you the Nomad 95. A manifestation of luxury living, this vessel tempts you to relocate your main residence to one that has the best sea view.
  • Nomad 75

    NOMAD 75

    The yacht keeps the idea of sumptuous living on the water at the core of its design, with a wider beam that supports generously-sized outdoor and indoor living areas, a spacious fly-bridge, wrap-around windows and a bright, well-lit interior, ideal for those wishing to travel and live on board for an extended period. The Nomad 75 has a range of 1,360 nautical miles at 10 knots with the twin 1,200 horsepower MAN engine option.
  • Nomad 65

    NOMAD 65

    The Nomad 65 is designed to meet an emerging market demand for yachts that enable comfortable long-distance sea travel. It is the first semi-displacement yacht by Gulf Craft, built to be a luxurious yet powerful mode of transport. Engineered using the most sophisticated technology, the Nomad 65 allows seafarers to confidently sail the world’s waters from the luxury of their own yacht.
  • Nomad 55

    NOMAD 55

    The latest addition to the long-range oceangoing series the Nomad 55 was revealed in 2016. Emanating world-class engineering from the inside-out, with a hybrid hull designed by celebrated British yacht designer Andrew Wolstenholme, the Nomad 55 can travel long distances without having to make frequent fuel stops, allowing its passengers to enjoy an uninterrupted cruising experience reaching speeds of up to 25 knots using twin 690 hp engines.

    Featuring a beautifully adorned main saloon, a fully-equipped and exceptionally large galley, four spacious guest cabins, three bathrooms, and a room for two crew, the Nomad 55 takes the five-star experience into the midst of the ocean. Passengers aboard the Nomad 55 can enjoy breathtaking views from the yacht’s two electric balconies, or dine on the yacht’s notably spacious fly-bridge while watching the sun set into the world’s luminescent waters.