Pioner Multi

It’s all in the name. The Pioner Multi has such an intelligent design that its usability stretches from that of an emergency boat to a fishing boat, to a diving boat and a country boat. Professional seafarers love this boat, which offers extensive features and high loading capacity

The bow port which is now 92cm wide is lowered with a rust-free hoist, which eases embarking/disembarking and loading/unloading. It has a simple design and is extremely seaworthy. There are many more than just professional boaters who need a Pioner Multi.


Weight(kg) :   430
Width(cm) :   215
Length :   530
Max persons :   8-10
HP :   50-80
Shaft length :   Long
Standard colors:   Red, White marble or Dark line
Certifications:   CE-kategori C /Det Norske Veritas
Control cable :   325
Gas / Shift cable :   350

Handrails, safety ladder, small console for passengers, stainless steel boarding bow rail, small steering console complete with cables, A-frame with navigation lights, windscreen for small console, windscreen rail for small console, windscreen for wide console, wide console complete with cable, windscreen for wide console, extra seatbox, windscreen rail for wide console, cushion for extra seatbox, cushion for integrated backsupport on A-frame.

Long Life 
Pioner is the boat that can be passed on in generations. What makes this possible is the UV-stability components in the boats plastic material. The UV-stability helps to keep the color and the material strength.

Strong Material 
Pioner are moulded in the material polyethylene. The production method and the material gives a very robust and durable boat. The Pioner boats can gently run on a beach, or accidently into the bridge if that should happen.

Minimal Maintenance 
You will obtain optimal usage of the boat and spend less time on maintenance and polishing. This has been the cornerstone of Pioner’s strategy, and we can safely say that our models are among the most robust and user friendly on the market.

Pioner is produced with double hulls. This helps to make the Pioner boats steady at sea, even when there are a bit more waves. The design of the hull gives stability, allowing you to easier move onboard and getting on and off safely

The Pioner boats are controlled and approved by Det Norske Veritas(DNV) who is an indepenent third party. This gives you as the Pioner user security to enjoy your time at sea.