YXZ1000R SS 2020

Redesigned, refined and improved.

We’re taking off road performance to the next level with the YXZ1000R SS - the highest specification SxS ever! Its rally-style paddle shift gives instant fingertip control for clutchless full throttle shifting. And with its YCC-S activated launch control system, nothing comes close to the YXZ1000R SS from a standing start.

Equipped with 29" Inch Big Horn tyres on 14-inch cast aluminum wheels and recalibrated long travel suspension, the YXZ1000R SS is built to dominate the most extreme terrain.

We entered the ROV market as the world’s leading manufacturer of sports ATVs – and this unique perspective has given us the ability to create the next generation of adrenaline-charged SxS models.

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    • The most advanced pure sport SxS
    • Sport-Shift paddle shifters give total control
    • Compact, high-powered 3-cylinder 998cc engine
    • Fast and efficient clutchless shifting
    • New gear ratio 5-speed gearbox with reverse
    • Sport-Shift paddle shifters give total control
    • Intelligent Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift
    • Refined fast and efficient clutchless SE shifting
    • Seamless SE upshifting even on full throttle
    • Easy-to-operate launch control system
    • Recalibrated FOX® 2.5 Podium RC2 Single Spring F&
    • 29" Big Horn tyres on 14" Alu wheels


£22,198.80 inc. VAT

High-performance 3-cylinder engine


The YXZ 1000R SS motor is an utlra-compact 3-cylinder layout, the 998cc DOHC- 12 valve engine delivers breathtakign acceleration up to its thrilling 10,500 rpm red line, creating a whole new class in the SxS world. Durability is improved with the updated conrods and ready for further race tunning.

Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S)


The intelligent Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) is the key to the Sport Shift system. The sophisticated YCC-S monitors a series of sensors and instantaneously disengages and engages the clutch when required to give seamless de or acceleration. The changed, lower-gear ratio of the gearbox required a new calibration which resulted faster clutch shifting and clutch engagement at lower speed to improve crawling performance.

Launch control system


The launch system (LS) allows you to accelerate from a standstill and power through the 5-speed transmission at full throttle where conditions permit. Initiated by pulling back both paddles simultaneously while holding the foot brake, this YCC-S controlled system can be launched by releasing the brake followed by both paddles.

Rear Mounted Radiator


The radiator moved from the front of the vehicle to rear cargo area to avoid mud clogging. The Hi Volume Twin radiator fans provide a massive airflow to control engine temperature under any circumstance.

Clutchless Sport Shift system


The Sport Shift System is similar to the design usually used on rally and race cars, and features paddles on either side of the steering column. The refined and re-calibrated electronics let you shift now even more rapidly through the 5-speed gearbox using only your fingertips!

Body & ROPS design changes


Cargo area is redesigned as a result of the relocation of the Radiator, also front hood styling is improved with room to install optional night-riding LED lights. The ROPS has a straigth top bar, it doesn't only look sleeker but also improves forward visibility when climbing. The extra rear cross bar add to the overall structural strength.

29'' Big Horn Tyres and FOX Podium Shocks


The 29''8 ply Big Horn Tyres - mounted on 14'' bead lock Alu wheels- are more durable, increase ground clearance and are ready to tackle any terrain. The FOX Podium 2,5 shocks are calibrated to match.