The Utility Series serve as passenger and multipurpose transportation vessels. The range consists of the Patrol Boat 31, Patrol Boat 36, Touring 36, Touring 40, Touring Ambulance 36 and Waveshuttle 56.

  • Waveshuttle 56 Banner


    The Waveshuttle 56 is a brand new “alternative yacht‟ design that can be utilized as a floating majlis, on water limousine or luxury passenger transport vessel. With luxurious interiors the VIP design offers facing sofa style seating for up to 25 people. The VIP version also boasts a pantry for on-board catering, meaning guests can experience the most hospitable and luxurious water transport. Alternatively the Waveshuttle can be utilised as a ferry seating up to 48 passengers in a forward facing configuration. Both versions of the vessel have lower deck storage for luggage and large windows allowing passengers to enjoy the outside view from within the cabin if they choose not to venture onto the aft deck
  • Touring 40

    TOURING 40

    Offering 8 more seats than the smaller Touring 36, the Touring 40 comes in either the standard or enclosed layout, with both options offering limited open air seating at very rear of the vessel.
  • Touring 36

    TOURING 36

    The Touring 36 is a small size passenger boat with a seating capacity of up to 28 people in the standard transport configuration. At the rear of the pilot, the deck area has a covered top but open sides allowing uninterrupted views and she also benefits from additional room at bow so guests can take panoramic pictures. Her layout is readily adaptable for many uses making her a popular for charters, tours and as transport in luxury resorts or as a water taxi she’s a truly adaptable vessel.