VersaDock Defence

VPS Versadock Performance – Air Assisted System

Our latest product is a military grade air assisted drive on docking system specifically designed as a bespoke robust drive on platform for the armed forces to accommodate large ribs and high speed motor launches to a maximum weight of 26 tonnes.

Purposely designed to give rapid docking and disembarking allowing uncomplicated access to the water and dry docking combined with unlimited access for maintenance to the boat, engines, kit and hardware.

Versadock – Performance Systems

  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Rapid and stable deployment of craft and troops
  • Rapid and stable recovery of craft and troops
  • Emergency landing platform
  • All round access to maintain the boat
  • No watchman requirement!
  • Keeps the boat out the water!
  • Extends the life of the boat and equipment

VPS Performance Product durability statements

  • Made from Industrial Strength High Density Polyethylene
  • Modularity, Maintenance free and Durable
  • In simple, “modular, changeable and portable”
  • Expected lifespan of 30 years, dependent on usage
  • Extremely robust and hard wearing