VersaDock DrySail – V2

The latest generation Version 2 of the Versadock DrySail™ System has been designed and engineered specifically for modern day lifting keel sports boats. V2 is significantly lightly, easier to assemble and has improved design aesthetics.

The DrySail™ V2 dock is a revolutionary system that ensures your boat is lifted clear of the water when berthed, keeping it in premium condition with no need for anti- fouling, reducing maintenance costs and allowing access around the hull.

Drysail ™ is the perfect solution to simple dry berthing for sports boats and racing yachts.

  • Lifting your boat clear of the water
  • Access all round your boat
  • Faster and easier than ever to launch and recover
  • No queuing for a crane
  • DIY assembly – no installation costs
  • Less than half the weight of the previous generation DrySail™
  • Sleek modern design

The new V2 DrySail™ is making its mark around the world – the kit style frames which are reduced in weight by 50% and can be self assembled are delivered in a standard 1.2m pallet sized box. This means a complete Drysail™ dock can now be shipped on five pallets which creates large savings on shipping costs compared to the original Drysail™ V1.

So it’s not only easier to take delivery of the new V2 DrySail™ and easier to assemble it, but the best news of all is that the price of a complete standard dock is reduced by 20% compared to the 2015 model.  There’s never been a better time to buy DrySail™.

We have designed the new DrySail™ dock for the J/70, Melges 24, SB20 and Longtze Premier, to name a few types of sportsboats. VersaDock can easily optimise the system to fit your requirements.

The DrySail™ system works in conjunction with all other VersaDock systems and can be integrated into our standard pontoons, platforms, drive on docks and walkways.

DrySail™ can also be installed within a variety of other settings, including, existing marina berths, pontoons, piles and even works on swinging moorings!