VersaDock Rafts

By utilising the buoyancy and the stability offered by the VersaDock modular system, we can offer limitless possibilities in order to provide a raft to your exact requirements.


Access / Escape / Evacuation / Planned transport / Events

The VersaDock raft can be used for a number of other uses and can be quickly and easily

Rafts can be reconfigured to provide other platform uses or alternative raft requirements

Direct benefits:

  • Gain access across any waterways
  • Gain access into and out of flooded areas with a quick construction raft
  • Versatile transportation of heavy loads and personnel
  • Evacuation rafts
  • Fast and cost effective deployment of stable raft platforms
  • No open areas to trip or fall through.
  • For added safety and security add railings around the raft
  • Fit an outboard bracket from manoeuvrability
  • Fit drop down ramps and other accessories as required
  • Easy to use and maintenance free
  • Modular technology configure in-house to meet your requirements
  • Extremely robust and hard wearing – product durability statement below