VersaDock Working Platforms

Using the Versadock modular system you can have a bespoke floating work platform tailored to your requirements to meet your building project requirements. By utilising the buoyancy and stability offered by the Versadock modular system and the limitless possibilities, you can have a working platform specific to your requirements

Platform options:

  • Access to allow bridge repairs from the water
  • Access to dig out ditches, drainage channels
  • Access to shallow waterways to dredge / repair / build etc.
  • Access to repair commercial pipelines / plumbing / sewage / restricted access / conduits etc.
  • Floating platforms to maintain ships / commercial boats / to painting or polishing the side of superyachts, without the costs and lead times of dry docking
  • Floating and moving plant machinery
  • Having a small and easily transportable maintenance platform, ideal for the Oil & Gas and energy industries

Versadock marine environment working platforms are the best in class. We have fitted 1,000 of pontoons and jetties around the world.

  • Easy to use and maintenance free floating platforms
  • Modular technology configure in-house to meet your requirements
  • No open areas to trip or fall through.
  • For added safety and security you can add our railings around your dock
  • Extremely robust and hard wearing – product durability statement below

Whether there is a permanent or portable bridge requirement, VersaDock modular systems provide a stable and safe solution without any requirement for large machinery to install.

Versadock Product durability statements

  • Made from Industrial Strength High Density Polyethylene
  • Modularity, Maintenance free and Durable
  • In simple, “modular, changeable and portable”
  • Expected lifespan of 30 years, defendant on application
  • Extremely robust and hard wearing